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Welcome to our official web site: CAROLINALAKES.INFO
New residents will need to click on the NEW, REGISTER HERE section for access. Once your residency has been confirmed, an email will be sent to you. Please note that confirmation of residency will take place during normal POA business hours, therefore you may experience a slight delay in the approval process.
* Interested in finding out what's going on in our beautiful community check out the "Upcoming Events" section or contact the POA office at:
* If you need to submit a request, complaint, or suggestion or you need to submit a Miscellaneous Architect Forms you may access the online form by visting the FORMS section .
Welcome new Board Members!

Paul Tomacelli, Chair of the Architectural Committee
Brandon Steger, Chair of the Community Affairs Committee
Jeff Radford, Chair of the Recreation Committee
Alli Davenport retired as the Community Affairs/ Recreation Chair as of the Nov 20 Board Meeting.

The Community Affairs/ Recreation Chair position was two positions until this past March when it was combined.  We are just returning to two positions.  Thanks Alli for all your hard work on the BoD!

Larry Wojcik retired as the Architectural Chair and is moving out of the community.  Thanks Larry for your dedicated time on the BoD!

The lowering of Lake Carolina will begin November 17, 2014. The lake will be lowered 2 feet to allow work on bulk heads, boat slips, etc.  The valve will be closed on December 12, 2014 to allow the lake to refill. This schedule allows 4-5 weeks (or longer depending on precipitation) for shoreline projects to be completed. Thank you.