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Welcome to our official web site:   CAROLINALAKES.INFO
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* New Bus Stop Details – August 28, 2014*
     The Carolina Lakes Board of Directors held an on-site emergency meeting last night to evaluate the new bus stop location on Coachman Way that was added on Tuesday by Harnett Co. Schools. Working with Highland Elementary and the HCS transportation director to resolve concerns that the Coachman Way location is not the safest location, a new bus stop has been identified and approved. The new location will be on Wispy Willow.γ€€ The Wispy Willow location is a side street that offers traveling students and parents a community-owned area to congregate; this location should also ease the bus drivers concern about student safety and excess vehicle traffic.γ€€ The location is a walk-up and/or golf cart only bus stop — there is no vehicular parking allowed — in an effort to eliminate excess congestion and nuisance to neighboring property owners.γ€€The transition will start tomorrow morning (August 29, 2014).γ€€ Highland Elementary will send letters home with students today. While the board shares community concerns that a bus stop would be more appropriate in the Lakeside Manor area, that is currently not an option according to the Harnett Co. Schools.
     We encourage all residents to be courteous and patient as the new bus stop takes effect. We have been disheartened at the actions of some of our residents this week as they have continued to speed through the area, not given the bus stop driver common courtesy when trying to leave the area, and not respected the property of others. We are doing our best to manage a difficult situation and ask for your help. We also would like to organize bus stop monitors. If you are willing to help in this area, please contact the office with your information so that you may be contacted for a safety briefing.
Are you new to the neighborhood?  Interested in finding out what's going on in our beautiful community?  Please contact the POA office at: